1642 Ultraviolet UVC Lamp for Car Home and Office

PPE Advantage


This UV deodorizing portable lamp cleans your surroundings in just a matter of minutes. The UV disinfection lamp can kill bacteria, allergens, and mold efficiently. Turn on the UV light and simply sweep the UV light lamp across the surface or item you desire to clean. It makes the environment safe and clean in 10 seconds without damaging any surface, creating any odor, or causing secondary pollution. It can be used in the bedroom, kitchen, shoes cabinet, washroom, pet house, or car. It is portable and compact. This UV sanitizer lamp has a built in 600mAh USB rechargeable batteries, with a compact and lightweight design. It is super convenient, as you can store it in a backpack or suitcase for use while traveling or going on outings. It is your personal health expert, especially in this critical period. It comes with a 6 inch USB cable and automatically shuts off. Please fallow the instruction of operation. Children should use under the guidance of adults only. Please put the product in a confined space, and do not place in wet surroundings.

Item Name: Ultraviolet UVC Lamp for Car Home and Office | SKU: 1642 | Min. Order: 50 | Unit: Each | Carton Detail: 42pcs in a carton Carton size: 58.5*37*27cm N.W.: 9.2kg G.W.: 12.5kg / .05844 CBM per Carton | Certificate: CE | UL | Lead Time Via Air Cargo: 6 to 18 Days | Lead Time Via Ocean Cargo: 18 to 30 Days | FOB USA: Delivered to your door

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