3194 Sanisurface Antimicrobial Glass Cell Phone Screen Protector

PPE Advantage


PPE Advantage Sanisurface
You're safe with our continuous self-sanitizing surface. Instantly kills germs and viruses on contact! Antimicrobial germ-free cell phone glass covers.

How it works: We offer some amazing options for some long-lasting items by using infused materials to create antimicrobial covers. These products are effective as continuous sanitizing surfaces for up to 12 months. Sanisurface is treated with a non-toxic invisible defense layer that continuously kills germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses up to 99% efficiency. Using a molecular nano tech coating that is infused into the product.

Item: Sanisurface Antimicrobial Glass Cell Phone Screen Protector | SKU: 3194 | UPC: 689347948284 | Color: Clear | Volume custom branding available.

Sanisurface is ideal for these everyday applications:
ATM Keypads, Bike Handles, Door Handles, Door Push Panels, Doorknobs, Elevator Buttons, Gas Pumps, Gym Equipment, Handicap Door Buttons, Revolving Door Bars, Shopping Cart Handles, Toilet Handles, Touchscreens, Urinal Handles, + MORE!

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