3163 PPE Advantage Vinyl / Nitrile Blend Gloves - Non Medical

PPE Advantage


More durable, softer and anti-aging than PVC gloves. Better sweat-resistance, more relax when donning and more advantaged price than Nitrile gloves. The PVC Nitrile blend glove is a new type of synthetic glove that was developed based on the vinyl glove production technology. Its material is compounded with PVC paste and Nitrile latex, so the finished production has the advantage of both PVC and Nitrile gloves. The products are widely used in fields of medical examination, dentistry, first-aid, healthcare, gardening, cleaning, etc. Nontoxic, Harmless and Odorless. The products are disposable gloves.

Item Name: PPE Advantage Vinyl / Nitrile Blend Gloves - Non Medical | SKU: 3163 | Min. Order: 14000 Boxes (20 foot container) | Unit: Box | Carton Detail: 100pcs/box | 10box/ctn | 35-26.5-25 | S/M/L/XL 5KG | 0.043CBM/CTN | Certificate: Non Medical | Lead Time Via Air Cargo: 6 to 18 Days | Lead Time Via Ocean Cargo: 18 to 30 Days | FOB USA: Delivered to your door

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