3036 PPE Advantage Disinfecting Wipes (220) Tub- PPEA Branded Label

PPE Advantage


Item Name: PPE Advantage Disinfecting Wipes (220) Tub- PPEA Branded Label
SKU: 3036
UPC: 689347944903
ml: N/A
fl. oz.: N/A
Wipes Count: 220
Item Price: $9.95
Optional Scented Price: $N/A
MOQ: 1000
Cartons Per CBM: 16.6666666666667
PCS Per CBM: 133.333333333333

Description: Each tub contains 220 single-use wipes with 75% alcohol for a 99.9% sanitation rate. These disinfecting wet wipes are perfect for travel, family, parties, work, etc. Ideal for the car, home, office, purse, etc. Use to sanitize your keys, credit cards, and phones too! Ideal for hard, non-porous surfaces, furniture, fridges, taps, sinks, doorknobs, kitchen & bathroom surfaces, floor cleaning, & children’s surfaces. Effective at eliminating germs of most common harmful germs and bacteria. FDA Certified. Free custom label design. From start to delivery In approximately 45 days. Door to door pricing. Payment requirements: 1/3 deposit with order. 1/3 on completion of the product. 1/3 prior to ocean shipping. Price includes the product, ocean shipping, and duties to your door. PPE Advantage - Here for the new normal | Powered by DS Product Hunters


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