3180 Sanisurface Lycra Fabric Antimicrobial Shopping Cart Handle Bar

PPE Advantage


PPE Advantage Sanisurface
You're safe with our continuous self-sanitizing surface. Instantly kills germs and viruses on contact! Antimicrobial germ-free Lycra fabric covers.

How it works: We offer some amazing options for some long-lasting items by using lycra infused materials to create antimicrobial covers. These products are effective as continuous sanitizing surfaces for up to 50 washes or 12 months, whichever comes first. Our fabric items are made from durable, stretchable Lycra that is infused with a longer-lasting antimicrobial. Sanisurface is treated with a non-toxic invisible defense layer that continuously kills germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses up to 99% efficiency. Using a molecular nano tech coating that is infused into the product.

Item: Sanisurface Lycra Fabric Antimicrobial Shopping Cart Handle Bar | SKU: 3180 | UPC: 689347948130 | Color: Black | Volume custom branding available.

Sanisurface is ideal for these everyday applications:
ATM Keypads, Bike Handles, Door Handles, Door Push Panels, Doorknobs, Elevator Buttons, Gas Pumps, Gym Equipment, Handicap Door Buttons, Revolving Door Bars, Shopping Cart Handles, Toilet Handles, Touchscreens, Urinal Handles, + MORE!

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