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You’re safe with our continuous self-cleaning surface. Instantly kills germs and viruses on contact! Antimicrobial germ-free sticker tape. Sanisurface® is treated with a non-toxic invisible defense layer that continuously kills germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses up to 99% efficiency. Using a molecular nano tech coating that is fused to the tape, Sanisurface® provides a continuous cleaning antimicrobial germ-free surface to grip, push and touch. The tape is effective for about 1500 grips, touches or holds. Tape and covers should be replaced every 90 days with light traffic, every 60 days with moderate traffic, every 30 days with heavy traffic and weekly in very crowded areas. When it’s time to replace, just peel off, clean any adhesive residue, and stick on a new one. Click here to view the SaniSurface whitepaper.



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